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2015 Rank Awards | Special Congratulations!

We have seen promotions in the following categories:

  1. Kobudo (Weapons)
    • Rokyu: Andrea, Chris Alberts
    • Gokyu: Amanda, Erin, Lucas
      All received rank promotions from Franco Sensei at the fall kobudo convention in Lincoln.  Thank you Sensei Bill for all of your hard work teaching them.  Aragoto!
  2. Little Dragons (Ages Five to Eight)
    • First Step: Breck Brush, Logan Wolf
    • Second Step: Blake Poss, Holden Matya, Jack Johnson
    • Seventh Step: Kaycee Gulbrandson
  3. Kyu Ranks (10-7=White belts, 6-4=Green Belts, 3-1=Brown Belts)
    • 9th Kyu: Jeremy Godfrey, Miles Hamill, Neil Hamill, Purannan Balakrishnan, Takoda Butler, Zevren Randazzo
    • Eighth  Kyu: Andreas Katsaounis, Brendan Hepfner, Carson Gabriel, Chuyee Huang, Claire Baijnauth, Gabriel Collazo-Quiles, Jinyee Huang, Keagan Hansen, Seth Jameson Campbell
    • Seventh Kyu: Kendall Nystrom, Nile Langenfeld, Robert Langenfeld
    • Third Kyu: Andrea Struble, Paul Randazzo
    • Second Kyu: Amanda Ludes, Chris Alberts, Chris McCain, Erin Hansen
    • Yudansha (Black Belts) All Promotions by Shihan Roseberry:
    • Nidan (Second Degree): Matt Hansen and David Buck
    • Yondan (Fourth Degree): Rick Royers

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