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2015 Tournament Results

Spring Tournament, Nebraska State Games, Fall Tournament

At the Nebraska State Games Matt, David, Sean, Amanda, and Chris Alberts all competed.   
Matt – 3rd in Sparring (Black Belts)
David – 1st in Sparring and Kata (Black Belts)
Sean – 3rd in Sparring (Brown Belts)
Amanda – 1st in Weapons Kata, 3rd in Kata (Brown Belts)
Chris  – Volunteered to help with the tournament (Thanks Chris!)

At the fall Taikwondo tournament the following students competed:
Chuyee – 2nd in Sparring and Kat
Jinyee  – 2nd in Kata and Sparring
Niles – 2nd in Sparring
Rob – 3rd in Sparring
Seth – 3rd in Kata and Sparring
Takoda – 3rd in Sparring
Zevren – 2nd in Kata and Sparring

Congratulations to all of our students that competed.  While bringing home the trophies is always fun, to me placing is not the important aspect.  The fact that the student is out there giving it their best, that is important to me.  The fact that judges come up to me and compliment our students for how they carry themselves, that is important to me.  To see our students endeavor and respect others is important to me.

Winning is fun, but there are more important things.  Congratulations to all!


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