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A Special Thank You | A Very Busy Year

Running a dojo is something that can’t be done by one person. I can’t be here every training day, either due to business of family events. I also like to step aside to let others teach, to give the students a different instructor perspective. So, looking back, I would like to extend a special thank you to the following groups/individuals:

Our Black belts.  Our dojo is very unique, you won’t find many dojo’s with as many black belts that we have.  I thank all of our black belts for their support, and for the respect that they extend to each other.  I couldn’t do this without them.

Our Parents.  I sincerely appreciate the parents of our kids that train.  It is with your support that your children are able to train, to benefit from this art that we teach.  Thank you for taking the time to ensure your kids are here, for your financial support for the dojo, and for the friendship that you have extended to me.

Our Students.  Our school exists to train you. You walk in the door with spirit and with a willingness to learn.  Your enthusiasm and support is what makes this all worthwhile.

A Special Thank You.  Matt has taken the time to organize my mess in the dojo, to put up the makiwara board for us, and he brought back an Okinawan flag for the dojo (from Okinawa).

Our Brown Belts.  We have, without question, an excellent group of Brown Belts. I am enjoying watching you become very good instructors.  Thank you for your hard work.

Sensei Cooper.  Sensei Cooper has offered to the advanced ranks special training sessions, 5:00 Monday morning, 7:30 Sunday morning.  His willingness to extend his time and talents to our advanced ranks is truly a special gift.  Without Sensei Cooper we would not have had the wonderful seminars these last two years.

Sensei Val.  You are an invaluable member of the dojo.  I enjoy training with you, as we offer vastly different perspectives on strategy. Your eye to detail is invaluable.

In Closing.  There simply isn’t enough space in this newsletter to do justice with everyone in the dojo.  I want to thank the other black belts, but that will have to wait until another day.  I am truly honored to be able to train with the members of our dojo.  Thank you.


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