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If an organization is going to survive, it has to be willing to make changes over time. The karate school that I went to as a kid would not survive in today’s world (you just can’t hit students like you use to). As such we are going to make some minor changes to our rates, our hours, and our policy.

The rate changes are rather simple.  We are introducing a college student rate of $40 a month.  That translates to $10 a week, which I hope will help our cash strapped students.  The family rates are being simplified and lowered.  $70 for the first family member, $30 for the next family member, and capped at $20 for the next family member.  There are no changes to the Little Dragons rates.  If you like the current rate/plan that you are on, you can stay on that rate/plan.  Current members have a choice; new members will sign up with the new rates.

We are also offering a new incentive program.  If a member joins as a referral from you, after two full months of their training you will receive a one month credit on your account equal to the new member’s tuition.

The changes to our training hours are also rather simple and are as follows:

  1. The only change to Little Dragons is that Saturday classes will now be from 8:00 to 8:45.  Nothing else changes.  As always, Youth members are welcome to attend any Little Dragons classes.
  2. There is no change to the Youth classes.
  3. Adult classes are being changed from being two “one hour” classes to being a single ninety minute class.  After one hour of training the juniors will be dismissed and for the next half hour the Adults will train specifically on more advanced techniques.  If an adult does not want to train for 90 minutes they can always leave after one hour of training.  If any students want to continue for a full two hour session (Chris Alberts and Paul this is directed to you), you are welcome to do so.  I am always willing to train willing students.

In addition to the changes to the rates and the hours, we are also implementing a “Welcome” section for new members of the dojo.  This is directed to our students:  As you see new names/faces being posted every month, please take the time to meet and greet the new members.  As you know, joining a dojo is something completely new for most people, so reach out and welcome our newest members.  And remember, don’t hit them!  If you want to hit someone, find a black belt!


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